PAS Freight - Neutral & Independent

We stand for transparency and reliability. This means that we have no ties or obligations to investment groups, banks or companies in the aviation or logistics industry. This guarantees the most flexible and efficient solutions for your air freight.

What we can do for you

We are your central contact point for air freight charter. PAS offers the provision of an all-encompassing service package that is tailored to your individual needs. Your personal contact person coordinates all aspects from A-Z and keeps you informed about the progress of your flight - at every turn.

Your advantage

We know the core process of a cargo charter flight by heart - we know where to pull the lever along the process chain to make your charter flight a success. We have the tools and the knowledge to tackle obstacles before they become problems.


PAS adheres to a strict quality assurance system that is specifically tailored to the needs of the aviation industry. Like our service, our quality assurance system is dynamic - it is constantly reviewed, adapted and improved. With only one goal: to always achieve the best for you!

Disasters, relief supplies & evacuations

After a disaster, often only a few hours can decide on the fate, future and well-being of those affected. PAS is the reliable partner at your side. We take care of the realization of flights for disaster relief staff and relief supplies as well as the implementation of evacuation flights within the shortest possible time. We are there for you 24/7.

Government and military

For complex and sensitive missions, military and diplomatic cargo, vehicles and personnel, we offer detailed knowledge and expert planning. 24/7 is your PAS team with experienced brokers at your side.

Commercial Freight

Anywhere and anytime, worldwide. No matter where in the world - nothing is too far away. Regardless of the size of the load or the goods you have to transport. We offer professional full and part charter options, which we implement exactly as desired according to your time- and transport-sensitive criteria

Time critical supply chains
To save emergencies in the supply chain where every minute counts - our team is available day and night to handle your requests and keep the production line running.

Heavy and oversized projects

Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes. PAS offers comprehensive air charter solutions for the transport of heavy, oversized and bulky items. From front loaders to ramp loaders, from packing to load planning, our specialists know when size matters.

Oil, gas and energy

Air transport from and to remote or difficult locations, when contractual penalties are threatening, ocean-going vessels are simply too slow or the long-distance transport of heavy and bulky parts by road causes problems - then our team of experts will find the right solution for you. 24/7 experienced brokers reliably take care of your air freight.

OBC - on board courier

Our individually trained and professional couriers are "ready for take-off" at any time of day or night and accompany your shipment every step of the way - from pickup to delivery to the recipient. Benefit from our international courier network with worldwide coverage.